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Customer Communications Specialist

Diamond needs a Customer Communications Specialist! This position ensures that our customers’ needs are met. Once the sales process has been completed they will often be the first (and last) person a customer interacts with. Because they are generally the liaisons between customers and companies, they must have good knowledge of Diamond Solutions and the relationships within our company. This is a full-time position.

Job Duties

  • Initiating and maintaining clear lines of communication between Diamond Solutions and its customers.
  • Fielding questions, concerns or complaints from customers.
  • Informing customers of rescheduled services (often due to uncooperative weather).
  • Educating customers on what they can expect from Diamond through the life of their project.
  • Coordinating appropriate schedule dates.
  • Forwarding customer expectations and concerns to Field Managers.


  • Candidate must have exceptional phone skills.
  • Must be outgoing, kind, and compassionate, as the person they are speaking with is often extremely busy (they must be concise, clear, kind and unoffended by someone in a hurry).
  • Assertiveness and positive attitude expected.
  • Working knowledge of SalesForce and FieldAware are a plus.
  • Ability to learn new software/technology a must.

Required License or Certification

  • Driver’s license

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