8 Questions Every Property Manager Should Ask Commercial Asphalt Companies (Plus Red Flags To Look Out For) Before Hiring Them

Ryan O'Malley
February 14, 2024
Asphalt lots are expensive projects with a long-term impact on the flow of traffic for every building, organization, or site they are a part of. When installing, replacing, or maintaining an asphalt lot, it’s crucial to find the right asphalt company. Asking the right questions, getting comparison bids, and being aware of red flags can ensure that you find what’s best for you, your lot, and your budget.

Ask any commercial asphalt company you are considering hiring for parking lot repair or maintenance these questions before moving forward:

  1. Licensing & Permitting – Are you qualified to work in this region and do you have the proper licenses and permits? If not, how do you plan to obtain them and how long will that take?
  2. Local Resources – Is your crew familiar with the area and relatively local so I am not paying for long travel times and inflated equipment moving costs?
  3. Experience – How long has your asphalt company been around? How experienced is your company?
  4. Assessing Requirements – Are you able to tell me what my lot needs, and, if so, are you able to perform the necessary repairs? In addition, can you give me multiple options at different price points describing how best to repair/maintain my lot?
  5. Materials – What materials will you be using and are there any other options for my needed repairs? What equipment will you be using and how likely or unlikely is it to break down during the job?
  6. Price Transparency – I have other quotes from other local asphalt companies; can you explain why your price is different from theirs? What assurances do I have that this will be a fixed price and how much (ask for a percentage) could the price change, due to unforeseen circumstances?
  7. Warranty – Is the work you would be performing under warranty? What damages to the lot are considered wear and tear, and what damages would allow me to request warrantied work?
  8. Accessibility – While the work is being performed, what phone numbers and emails can you provide me so that I can ask questions about progress and clear up any issues on my lot? What should I expect as an average response time to my calls and emails?
Tip: To help you determine if an asphalt company has the proper licenses and permits, look up your state’s government website and check for required documents. Compare that list of required documents against the asphalt company’s permits and licenses.

Red Flags To Look For In Hiring a Commercial Asphalt Company

While these are great questions to ask and checking reviews and getting comparison pricing can help you avoid getting scammed or ripped off. There are also key red flags to look out for to protect yourself from hiring the wrong company.

Red Flag 1 – Avoidance / Dismissiveness – It’s a big red flag if an asphalt company avoids answering your questions or doesn’t seem to know the answers to your questions. This may indicate that they are not properly licensed or lack the experience necessary to answer your questions. It’s also a red flag if a commercial asphalt company is dismissive of your concerns and talks down to you. This treatment is likely to continue during the project and will make it difficult to communicate and likely result in your questions and concerns not being answered.

Red Flag 2 – Defensive / Aggressive Sales Tactics – If the asphalt company becomes defensive when asked about their work and equipment, there may be reason for concern. This could indicate that they have had issues in past jobs or could indicate a lack of confidence in their own work. On the other hand, if the asphalt company is aggressive and is pressuring you to pick them, proceed with caution. If a company is worth their salt they shouldn’t have to resort to such tactics. Their work and reputation should speak for itself.

Red Flag 3 – Unclear Pricing – In a similar vein, if they are vague about pricing and seem hesitant to put a hard number down for their estimate, beware. Look out for extra charges and fees added to your bill.

At the end of the day, if a commercial asphalt company feels unprofessional, and is either bad at or unwilling to communicate clearly, it is in your best interest to walk away and find a better company that you can choose with confidence.

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