Parking Lot Paving

From small repair work to full-scale replacements, you need paving projects done in a way that adds value to your property. High ROI and low disruption are top priority.

A bustling asphalt road construction site features a yellow bulldozer, a yellow construction vehicle, and a group of workers in various positions, with a parking lot and buildings in the background.

you have options

There's more than one way to fix asphalt, and chances are, if you're looking for it, we can do it. Whether you need full depth removal & replacement, partial depth mill & pave, edge mill and overlay, or simple overlay, we can work with you to find the best solution for your parking lot.

No Dictionary is Required

Don't worry, you don't have to understand all that technical jargon! That's our job, and we can teach you what you need to know to make a smart and informed decision. And of course, we will have recommendations ready based on our knowledge of the industry. We won't leave you hanging.

We're a Team

You bring the knowledge of your business goals and needs and we bring knowledge of the pavement industry. Together we can create a plan that serves both short and long term needs.

Take the complexity out of parking lot projects.

We’ve fixed the process that has plagued parking lot paving projects for too long. With dedicated account managers, clear and quick communication, and transparent bids, Diamond Solutions has served over 1,000 property managers and owners with a better way of managing parking lot projects.

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Let's Talk Priorities

No two businesses are the same. Before anyone steps onto you site, you need them to understand what goals you are trying to achieve and what is most important to you. Prepping a property to get ready to sell? Trying to attract new tenants? Want to preserve a parking lot that you will have for decades to come? We need to know!

parking lot repaving and renovation plans on a desk at diamond solutions
diamond solutions excavator on a job site working to regrade a parking lot
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Get a Site Assessment

Armed with your needs, our team is ready to get their eyes on your property. We gather measurements, take pictures, and develop a clear map of the services you site might need. We collect all the data we need from the property, and evaluate the parking lot based on the things that you told us were important to you.

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Define a Clear Scope

Especially with paving projects, collaboration is important. With the information we got from the property, we put together a proposal with a recommendation for what methods seem like the best fit for your priorities. We talk over the plan with you to make sure we land on a scope of work that fits into the budget, goals, and timeframe your business needs.

diamond solutions paving team repaving a parking lot at a large retail establishment
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Team Up

With a clear plan in place, it's time to bring everything together. Give us the word, and we'll get things moving! You'll team up with an experienced Diamond team dedicated to delivering a world-class parking lot project experience.

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Develop a Schedule

Hopefully the hard part for you is over! For large projects, we'll work with you to create a phasing plan for the work that accomplishes the project quickly, but with minimal disruption to the people who need to use the parking lot.

A small, white cart with a silver basket and a black wheel is parked in a large, empty parking lot with yellow lines, surrounded by a tan building, a tree, and a person, creating a scene of everyday life and routine.
diamond solutions team member applying sealant to a parking lot
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Get It Done

The what, who, and when is all taken care of. All that's left at this point is execution. For long projects, we'll send you updates as the job as progressing so you don't have to wonder what's going on. And, of course, we'll let you know when the job is done. Hopefully the only question we will leave you with is how it all happened so seamlessly!

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