Concrete & Concrete Maintenance

Most contractors specialize in either concrete or asphalt. We’re proud to specialize in both. Whether you need over a thousand cubic yards of new concrete poured or concrete maintenance services like concrete grinding to smooth uneven areas, Diamond Solutions can help.

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Don't wait

It’s never too soon to think about properly caring for your commercial parking lots and surrounding areas.

Avoid Hassle

Dealing with such problems after the fact can be a significant hassle and can be extremely costly.

Get the care your lot needs

Waiting until you have potholes or major cracks running through your lots means you’ve waited too long to take care of your property.

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Diamond Solutions delivers preventative maintenance services.

No one puts experience to better use than we do when it comes to property maintenance. That means that when you contract with Diamond Solutions to provide preventative maintenance services for your property, you’ll receive complete and comprehensive service that will keep your parking lots and other areas of your property in great shape.

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Expansion Caulking

Many concrete surfaces feature expansion joints, which are gaps between concrete slabs that allow for the material to expand and contract due to temperature changes. However, these joints must be sealed with a flexible sealant. If this step is not taken, water can leak into the expansion joints, causing the base material to swell, which in turn can cause the concrete slab to heave or sink. Diamond Solutions uses high-quality sealants to fill these joints and prevent damage due to water seepage.

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Concrete Grinding

Over time, natural buckling and swelling creates uneven spots in concrete surfaces that become trip hazards or result in areas where water collects and causes further damage. Concrete grinding is the answer to these problem areas. Grinding restores uneven concrete patches to smooth, level surfaces, leaving your concrete parking lots and sidewalks safe and damage free.

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Concrete Resurfacing

Preventing water seepage sometimes means resurfacing concrete to fill small, naturally occurring cracks and even out uneven spots where water can collect. Diamond Solutions specializes in concrete resurfacing services that can restore your parking lot and other surfaces to like-new condition.

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The Diamond Difference.

Save yourself the hassle of trying to find a service provider for yet another problem at one of your properties– make Diamond Solutions your one-stop resource for paving, parking lot maintenance, and concrete projects.

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When choosing Diamond Solutions, you can expect...

A wealth of Services.

Because we handle everything from parking lot maintenance to commercial asphalt paving, we save you the trouble of shopping multiple providers to get problems fixed. Let us be your one-stop shop for all the property management solutions you need.

SErvices tailored to you.

Diamond Solutions doesn’t just offer cookie-cutter solutions; rather, we cater all of our services to you. We get to know you and your challenges so we can tailor cost-effective solutions to your needs.

Our talented professionals team.

We pride ourselves on a staff full of experience, character, and talent. Simply put, we only hire people we want to work with, who we can trust to get jobs done well. That means you can count on us for professional, conscientious service every time.

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Choose Diamond Solutions...

…for a higher level of service from talented professionals, whether you’re looking for concrete removal, line-striping, or asphalt repairs.