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Concrete Services

When in need need cement contractors that can provide the highest-quality parking lot services in the industry, customers across 13 states turn to Diamond Solutions, and we can show you why. Our dedication to providing concrete services to fit virtually any need has made Diamond Solutions a leader in the industry. Whether you need to pour new sidewalks, repair or maintain existing concrete, or perform a full removal and replacement of any existing concrete in your parking lot, Diamond Solutions is there for you.

Flatwork & Curbs

We handle all the basics of pouring and curing concrete flatwork for your parking lot. This includes sidewalks, steps and other level surfaces. We also take care of curbs. Our professionals will begin by sectioning off the area where the flatwork is to be added, then build a wood frame. Then the concrete is poured, and once it is determined to be level and cured, the wood frame is cut away.

Drain Pads & Catch Basins

Drains get more water traffic than anywhere else, so concrete drain pads are the most durable solution for parking lots. Diamond Solutions has the expertise and in-house experience necessary to design and pour concrete drain pads that will ensure water drains from the lot quickly and properly, lasting long enough to withstand whatever weather will come. We also specialize in installing catch basins, which collect excess storm water runoff from parking lots and allow debris to settle out of it before being carried away.

Preventative Maintenance

We handle expansion caulking (also called joint caulking). We also offer grinding to level slabs of concrete. Concrete resurfacing and other types of preventative maintenance help prevent water from seeping into cracks and causing the concrete to shift, as well as resolve small problems that result in uneven spots in the parking lot. This helps to prevent further deterioration of the concrete and extends the lifespan of the parking lot for many years.

Concrete Removal & Replacement

In the case of fully deteriorated concrete structures, Diamond Solutions handles complete removal and replacement. We’ll take care of every step of the process — from demolishing and hauling away the existing concrete to preparing and pouring the new concrete service for your parking lot. As one of the most experienced commercial concrete contractors in the industry, we can leverage our expertise to deliver a complete solution for removing and replacing your deteriorating concrete.

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Diamond Solutions is passionate about providing our customers with the best possible services for whatever they need with regards to their parking lots.

Customers in Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina and Kentucky have come to rely on Diamond Solutions as one of the premier commercial concrete companies on the job today. If you’re in need of concrete services or anything else related to your parking lot, reach out and contact us anytime to find out how we can help.

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