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Preventative Concrete Maintenance Services

It’s never too soon to think about properly caring for your commercial parking lots and surrounding areas. Waiting until you have potholes or major cracks running through your lots means you’ve waited too long to take care of your property. Here’s why:

Waiting until you have potholes or major cracks running through your lots means you’ve waited too long to take care of your property.

Dealing with such problems after the fact can be a significant hassle and can be extremely costly.

In order to avoid major problems such as these, it’s important to schedule regular preventative concrete maintenance services. This will ensure that your parking lots, sidewalks, and other concrete surfaces on your property remain in good condition. As a leading commercial property management partner, Diamond Solutions not only provides comprehensive services needed to keep your lots in good condition, but we also have the expertise to ensure that the work is done well.

Diamond Solutions Delivers Preventative Maintenance Services

No one puts experience to better use than we do when it comes to property maintenance. That means that when you contract with Diamond Solutions to provide preventative maintenance services for your property, you’ll receive complete and comprehensive service that will keep your parking lots and other areas of your property in great shape. Our preventative maintenance services include:

Expansion Caulking

Many concrete surfaces feature expansion joints, which are gaps between concrete slabs that allow for the material to expand and contract due to temperature changes. However, these joints must be sealed with a flexible sealant.  If this step is not taken, water can leak into the expansion joints, causing the base material to swell, which in turn can cause the concrete slab to heave or sink. Diamond Solutions uses high-quality sealants to fill these joints and prevent damage due to water seepage.

Concrete Grinding

Over time, natural buckling and swelling creates uneven spots in concrete surfaces that become trip hazards or result in areas where water collects and causes further damage. Concrete grinding is the answer to these problem areas. Grinding restores uneven concrete patches to smooth, level surfaces, leaving your concrete parking lots and sidewalks safe and damage free.

Choose Diamond Solutions for Your Preventative Maintenance Needs

With our expertise and complete property management solutions, there’s no better choice to provide preventative maintenance for your commercial property than Diamond Solutions. Give us a call today and find out how we can help keep your concrete surfaces in good shape and save you money.

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