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Brand New Lots

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Diamond will excavate, grade, and install a parking lot that perfectly compliments your existing space.

Lot Expansions

When business development demands parking lot expansion, Diamond provides expert consultation and sustainable solutions to match your growth.  We will install a parking lot that best suits the needs of your growing company.

Lot Replacement

At 50-70% deterioration, we recommend starting fresh. We will mill out the old asphalt, fix existing problem areas in the foundation, and bring an upgrade to your location with a brand new parking lot.




Thorough base inspection

A well-constructed parking lot is built on a strong foundation: the subgrade.  A thorough base inspection is essential for the proper maintenance and longevity of your parking lot.  Our Team of trained Estimators can help you avoid costly repairs by identifying potential faults in the subgrade while providing solutions that best suit your needs.


Experienced Base Cutting

When we find an issue with the foundation, we bring in our trusted Diamond Partners to handle the work. Whether it’s digging out clay, adding gravel, or re-grading, our Partners will get the job done, while our onsite Diamond Representative ensures that you’re pleased with the outcome!




Your new parking lot will be a direct reflection of the equipment we use to install it.  Our Partners use high quality, well-maintained equipment to ensure that our paving jobs are level, evenly spread and properly compacted. Our quality of work is never compromised by cutting corners. This ensures that our customers get a parking lot built to withstand both weather and traffic.



Your new parking lot is only as good as the crew installing it.  As a Diamond Customer, you get the combined experience of the Diamond Team as well as the expertise of our trusted Partners.  We’re efficient, knowledgeable, and meticulous.  It’s not enough to just say it- our work proves it, time and time again.




Your new parking lot is only as good as the equipment you bring in to compact it. We don't take shortcuts. Diamond packs the right rollers and pavers to every project, so you get a parking lot built to withstand both weather and traffic.



Your new parking lot is only as good as the crew installing it. Our experienced team grades so water runs away from your buildings. We're efficient and roll while the asphalt's hot, getting the proper compaction for a durable, waterproof parking lot. Trust the Diamond team to do the job right.



Line-striping & Pavement Marking

It's not functional until it’s painted, and our striping team can do it all. Designing and implementing new parking layouts, re-striping previous layouts, drive lanes and stencils. We have the experience and the equipment to finish any paving job with fresh, crisp lines.



Sealcoating generally does not need to be done for about 3 years. Freshly compacted asphalt already has the correct consistency of oil to withstand traffic and weather wear. In fact, sealcoating too soon after paving could leave your pavement too malleable and especially susceptible to heavy traffic damage.

Diamond Gives Sedona’s Bell Rock Plaza a Parking Lot and Drainage Makeover

Bell Rock Plaza, a 50-storefront shopping district nestled among the iconic red rocks of Sedona, Arizona was in need of a parking lot makeover. The plaza, located on a hill, was experiencing periodic flooding near storefronts and its asphalt showed advanced signs of wear and tear.

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The Property Manager’s Complete Guide to Selecting a Commercial Paving Contractor

As a property management professional, you know that the state of your parking lots and walkways impact how customers view your property (and by extension, your brand). But when the time comes for bidding out paving projects, navigating the commercial contractor landscape can seem overwhelming.

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Image of a completed paving project by Diamond Solutions.


Get Quality Commercial Asphalt Paving Services For Your Business

Transform part of your property into a perfectly paved lot when you work with Diamond Solutions! Whether you’re looking to create a new lot or expand an existing lot, we can help. As the leading commercial paving contractors in the area, we specialize in parking lot paving of all kinds. We manage lot replacement for our clients, taking out old asphalt, fixing problems areas, and then paving a new parking area for you. Complete your location with the kind of commercial paving that you can count on to last and look good for years to come.

When you contact Diamond Solutions about commercial paving, we guarantee your job will be done well.  Our commitment is to complete your project in such a way that the finished product exceeds your expectations and adds real value to your site.  Rather than providing cookie-cutter solutions, we tailor our paving to your specific needs.

Is your business ready to install a new parking lot?  Would expanding your current lot allow you to better serve your employees and customers?  Are you ready to overhaul your existing lot for a fresh look? 

Whatever your needs, Diamond Solutions is here to walk you through each step of the process. Bring your goals and expectations.  We will bring solutions, tailored to you. 

Contact us when you’re ready to get an estimate on your project- our Team will be happy to serve you!

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