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Snow is not welcome in parking lots

Heavy snowfall can make it nearly impossible for people to park in a lot, hurting your business and making it unsafe for your customers or patrons to visit your location. Even if your parking lot will be empty for a while after a heavy snowfall, snow left on your lot’s surface for too long can turn into ice or eventually cause the parking lot to crack.

Snow plowing is essential to good property management

That’s why numerous customers have called upon Diamond Solutions to provide commercial snow plowing services that keep their lots clean and safe for their patrons and customers. With snow plowing as an integral part of our complete property management services, Diamond Solutions can keep your parking lot free from snow.

What Diamond Solutions Snow Plowing Offers

commercial snow removal
Our expertise in comprehensive property management services means we’re an experienced and accomplished snow plowing company. We’ve served numerous commercial and institutional customers throughout the Midwest and along the East Coast, including:

  • Businesses
  • Schools
  • Churches
  • Government Agencies

When heavy snow hits, you need to make sure your parking lots are cleaned up quickly and effectively so you can continue to provide the necessary services you give customers or patrons. At Diamond Solutions, our commercial snow plowing services can ensure that snow won’t keep anyone out of your lots.

Whether you have a small store or a megachurch, Diamond Solutions can clear your parking lots — leaving them clean and safe for use.

Clearing Your Lot of Snow

Snow plowing is one of the core commercial property management services offered by Diamond Solutions, but sometimes it’s not enough to simply push the snow out of the way. That’s especially true if you have a smaller parking lot, which is why Diamond Solutions offers snow removal as part of our services. We’ll not only plow the snow off your lot’s surface, but we’ll also:

Collect it and haul it away from your site

So you never have to worry about huge mounds of snow eating up precious real estate in your parking lot.

Provide you with complete shoveling and salting services

So walkways or sidewalks connected to your parking lots are free from snow, and safe for customers and patrons to use.

Choose Diamond Solutions

Diamond Solutions is the premier snow plowing company in the business today, and we can put our skills and expertise to work for your property. Don’t let snow put your parking lot out of commission — contact Diamond Solutions today and find out how we can keep your lots clean and open for business. 

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