How to Reduce Snowplow Damage

Erin Gilday
November 9, 2021
When the snow begins to fall and accumulate on the ground, snowplows are often used to clear out commercial property roadways and parking lots. However, when you hire a snow removal company, there are extra precautions needed in order to prevent major damage to the surrounding landscape or asphalt. To protect your commercial property, here are a few things to consider when you hire a snow removal contractor that uses snowplows.

Risk of Snowplow Damage

Snowplows have metal blades that come into contact with the pavement during the removal process. The bottom edges of the plow chip away at the top layer removing any surface protection. When the ground is covered in snow, the operator cannot see where the surface begins let alone can’t tell if the surface is uneven, which leads to major asphalt damage.

While snow itself does not cause damage to your parking lot, the cracks and chips from the snowplow will cause the melted snow to freeze creating deeper and larger cracks. This can compound the problem and make it worse as the winter season continues and will result in expensive repairs.

How to Prevent Snowplow Damage

If you want to reduce the amount of damage snow plows cause, you should consider sealcoating. Sealcoating is a combination of additives, water, clay, aggregates, and other ingredients. When applied to your parking lot, it protects the asphalt from UV rays and fills more minor cracks to prevent erosion.

When you have your parking lot sealed, it can also speed the rate of snow melting. As the snow melts, you have to worry less about plowing the lot. The less you have to plow, the less likely you are to damage the lot. Not only will lowering the amount of snow needed to be plowed help reduce major parking lot repairs, but sealcoating will also add a protective top layer that will be less likely to chip from the contact of the blades of the snowplow.

When it comes to your parking lot, your best option is to sealcoat it ahead of time. Before the cold temperatures hit, you may want to consider a protective seal. At Diamond Solutions, we’re invested in protecting your commercial parking lot. Contact us for more information on how to maintain and repair your parking lot.

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