Crack Sealing

Crack sealing is the process of coating asphalt cracks with a flexible layer of rubber in order to prevent water from seeping into the break in the asphalt and eroding the base underneath.

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Sealing Keeps Water Out

Water leaks through parking lot cracks and erodes the base. Crack sealing keeps water out and protects your asphalt.


This is an easy repair that prevents more costly damage later on. Sealing cracks regularly saves money.

Quick Repair

Crack sealing is one of the fastest and least obtrusive asphalt services we offer. Scheduling this project is a breeze.

Diamond Crack Sealing

Preventative Maintenance in Two Steps.

Asphalt Crack Preparation. Cracks that contain debris, vegetation, loose aggregate, or sand will fail prematurely because the sealant won't stick to the crack walls. To prevent this we blast high-pressure dry, clean, compressed air into the cracks, cleaning out all debris and ensuring a long-lasting repair.

Sealant Application. We bring our sealing rubber up to 375 degrees and apply it over the crack. Meanwhile, our team uses rubber bladed tools to flatten the hot material into the crack. This forms a watertight seal.

Understanding Crack Sealing

Cost-effective preventative maintenance

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The Purpose

Crack sealing has one job: prevent damage by keeping water out. Water is accountable for the vast majority of asphalt damage, so spotting cracks early and getting them filled as soon as possible is a huge win.

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Don't Delay

Ignoring cracks allows water to wreak havoc on your subbase. That’s a recipe for extensive cracking and even potholes. Those repairs get increasingly complicated and expensive. When Diamond crack seals your asphalt, you’re saving money down the road.

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A note on extensive cracking

Crack sealing is a cost-effective repair for most cracks. However, it can’t do much about high-density cracking caused by an eroded subbase or structural failure. Crack sealant isn’t meant to glue a broken parking lot back together. For alligator and fatigue cracking, deeper level repairs are needed.

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