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Parking Lot Maintenance

Keeping a parking lot looking good for years to come doesn’t happen by accident — partner with Diamond Solutions to improve and extend the life of your lot with proper asphalt maintenance. Whether you need occasional parking lot repairs or ongoing preventative maintenance, our parking lot services ensure your investment stays protected and your lot looks great. We handle everything from crack sealing to line-striping and sealcoating to signage for our customers — doing whatever we can to ensure your lot is in good shape. As a recognized leader among parking lot maintenance companies, we’re the company you can trust with all your parking lot maintenance needs.

When you request an estimate from Diamond, you’re not just getting another estimate. We strive to offer you the very best solution. That means a custom-tailored plan that works for you, your customers, and your budget.  Scroll down to learn what to expect.



When you request an estimate from Diamond, our team begins by assessing the condition of your asphalt. We use on-site analysis, satellite imagery and drone flyovers as needed. We can do this very quickly, so be sure to ask if you have an especially urgent request.

Image of a Diamond Solutions parking lot repair estimator onsite.



Next, we’ll send you a map showing our recommended repair method for each problem area. We use a variety of repair methods — each with specific advantages. Some repairs are faster and cheaper, while others last much longer and prove more cost-effective down the road. We’ll set you up with a mix that fits your unique needs and works with your budget.

Image of Diamond repair map on an Imac and laptop, detailing parking lot repair plans.



We’ll follow up with you and go over the assessment in more detail, so you’ll know exactly what is going on with your asphalt. Our team is friendly and helpful, and we’ll answer any questions you have about our repair methods. Since we offer every repair method in existence, we aren’t biased. We simply recommend the repair strategy that best solves your unique situation.




Once you’re happy with the estimate and we knock out the paperwork, we’ll schedule a team to implement the solution. We target times that are the least disruptive to you and your customers. We’ll stay in touch and notify you of any special requirements for the workday, like blocking off sections of asphalt for work. You’ll find our crews approachable and friendly, and you’re well on your way to the solution that your asphalt needs!

Aerial image of completely repaired, sealcoated, and striped parking lot by Diamond Solutions.

We'll handle everything.

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Working with Diamond Solutions means working with a company committed to providing tailored solutions that fit your needs. When you contact us, we come to your location and assess your asphalt in order to provide an accurate estimate for repairs. We send you a map of our recommended repairs, follow up with you to answer questions, and then come to your location and provide the specified asphalt maintenance work. From beginning to end at Diamond Solutions, your satisfaction is our priority.

Are you interested in learning more about our exceptional parking lot repairs and maintenance? Would you like an estimate on repairing curbs, installing signage or performing sealcoating at your site? Contact us today to get your personalized estimate!

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