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Infrared Asphalt Repair


Seamless, waterproof repairs last longer. Our infrared asphalt patches last up to 4-6 years.


We recycle your existing asphalt. You save money.


Infrared takes up little space, getting your lot repaired without impeding your customers or shutting you down.


You can’t beat a repair you can drive on within 30 minutes start-to-finish.

Diamond Infrared Asphalt Repair

How it works


Melt Damaged Asphalt

The infrared rig heats up and melts your cracked and broken asphalt back into a soft, molten state.


Rake, Add, Lute

Our team rakes deep into the damaged area, turning former cracks and holes into a neat square of hot, recycled asphalt. New asphalt is added, and the entire patch is luted into a smooth finish.



Finally, the roller compacts it all back together. Because entire area was heated, the fresh patch is melded back into the surrounding asphalt.

Why it's Awesome

This meld is totally seamless. This prevents water from getting in and causing additional problems.

More Infrared Benefits

Recycled Asphalt

Infrared recycles your existing asphalt into the repair. That means less new asphalt is needed, and you save money on material. You also save money on man-hours hauling old asphalt out and new asphalt in. It’s cost-effective on multiple levels.


Flexible Repairs

Infrared rigs are only 6′ x 8′. That makes them fast and maneuverable, and perfect for repairing up to four small areas per hour. At the same time, infrared patches can be fused side by side to cover very large areas. Infrared can do it all.

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