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Tack And Patch Concrete And Asphalt Repair

Cracked and pitted parking lots and driveways aren’t just ugly — they’re dangerous. Property owners and managers who want to keep their properties looking good while also protecting customers and tenants should select an asphalt repair provider who can provide the expert services they need. With our extensive experience in all things asphalt, Diamond Solutions is the property management solutions provider that businesses and property managers can trust to deliver the highest-quality work to keep their asphalt surfaces looking and performing their best.

When Tack And Patch Services Are Needed

One of the most common problems for asphalt surfaces is when the surface layer of asphalt cracks and pulls away from the old asphalt or concrete pavement underneath it. This leads to cracking and what is known as spalling, creating uneven surfaces and sometimes deep potholes.

Preventing this problem requires the application of a tack coat, which serves as a binder, holding the new layer of asphalt onto the existing surface. Tack coat would be applied to the entire area of an asphalt lot when resurfacing the lot. Tack coat would also be applied before patching smaller contained areas of repair such as potholes.

Turn To Diamond Solutions

If your parking lot and/or drives need asphalt tack or patch services, Diamond Solutions can help! We specialize in property and parking lot maintenance solutions that improve and extend the life of your lots and driveways. Here are just some of the many advantages Diamond Solutions can offer to you and your properties:

Talented Personnel

Our team of highly experienced and skilled personnel are dedicated to ensuring that every project is completed with professionalism and care.

Tailored Solutions

Because Diamond Solutions has expertise in virtually every aspect of property management and maintenance, we can create a solution for you that is tailored specifically to your property’s exact needs.

Personalized Advice

We will work closely with you to make sure that all of your property management needs are being met. Thanks to our experience and expertise, we can help you find the most cost-effective solutions for your asphalt repair needs and concrete services.

Whether your property needs a complete resurfacing or asphalt patch services for a problem spot, Diamond Solutions can provide the asphalt repair work you need to ensure your lots and driveways look and perform to intended standards. Get in touch with Diamond Solutions today to talk to our seasoned professionals about your project and get started.

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