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Design a new layout

Let our experts design a lot with better traffic flow, more spaces or a good balance of both. Our experience with commercial line-striping means we can optimize your lot to create greater convenience for your employees and customers.

Repaint your old layout

If it’s not broken, why fix it? We can re-stripe your old layout, just the way you had it. End parking lot arguments for good with fresh parking lot striping that really pops off the pavement thanks to our bright, high-quality paint.


Let us be your go-to source for parking lot striping and painting.  Our years of experience give us the ability to handle a multitude of striping projects with ease.

Line-Striping Services From Diamond Solutions

Expertly Finishing Parking Lots

Line-striping is the essential step after sealcoating. Although a fairly straightforward process, proper execution is critical to polishing a lot off well. A misplaced line or a bad layout can cause your visitors no end of traffic misery.

Through the use of state-of-the-art technology in the form of top-quality parking lot striper machinery, Diamond Solutions expertly paints lines on your parking lot surface that are perfectly straight and spaced with precision to ensure that your parking lot is optimized for accommodating the maximum number of cars that can comfortably fit.

But before we do that, Diamond Solutions ensures that the stripes will be applied so they will last as long as possible. This involves thoroughly preparing the parking lot surface with specialized equipment that blows away dirt and debris, ensuring the cleanest possible surface for paint to adhere. Next, we’ll fill and seal any cracks in the asphalt to ensure water won’t seep in and ruin the level surface. If it’s time to sealcoat your lot, Diamond Solutions will handle that, too, creating the perfect blank canvas for your parking lot stripes.

Diamond Solutions is one of the most experienced parking lot striping contractors in the industry. No matter what kind of project you are considering, get an estimate from us. If it involves putting paint on a surface, we can handle it.

More About Line-Striping at Diamond Solutions

Full Suite of Services

Line-striping follows sealcoating like coffee follows doughnuts. You can separate the services, but they just won't be quite as good.

More than just a parking lot painting company, Diamond Solutions offers a full suite of parking lot services from asphalt repair to line-striping and sign installation. That makes us a complete one-stop shop, so you can make your life easier.

Tradition in Excellence

As a teenager, Diamond Solutions CEO Parker Perrien's first business venture was striping parking lots. In those days it was just him, his equipment, the open road and more CVS pharmacies than anyone should ever have to visit in one lifetime.

Diamond Solutions remains committed to the same work ethic and dedication to quality that started back then. We continue to finish parking lots with beautiful, expertly striped lines.


It's definitely not going to paint itself.

Get a Diamond estimate.

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