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Protects against traffic wear

The sealcoat is tough surface armor that takes the abuse, so your investment below stays protected for the long haul.

Shields from the sun

UV rays dry out asphalt binder and makes it weak, but sealant is the equivalent of parking lot sunscreen.

Keeps water out

Water seeps into aging asphalt and erodes the base. Sealant waterproofs your entire parking lot and keeps it safe.

Replenishes oil

The oil that binds asphalt together gets broken down by sun and rain over time, weakening the asphalt. Sealcoating puts it back in.

Restores asphalt color

Your asphalt once again gets that rich black look, just like when the parking lot was brand new. It’s an impressive sight.

Diamond Sealcoating

Protecting and strengthening your asphalt



Our team carefully applies sealant around the edge of the parking lot. This creates neat lines and prevents over-spraying when it comes to step 2.


1st Coat

The Diamond team applies sealant directly from the sealing rig to your asphalt. They work from one side of the parking lot to the other.


2nd Coat

The 1st coat is allowed to cure, and then a second coat is applied. In most cases, once this layer cures, the parking lot is ready for striping.

Sealcoating 101

Three tips for getting it done right


Reapply every 2-3 years

Sealant shields your investment against the elements. At the same time, the sealant itself takes a beating from the elements. Keep an eye out for the white-grey aggregate showing through. Sealcoat every 2-3 years to keep asphalt strong and protected.


Get a reputable sealcoating company

Bottom dollar doesn't always mean the best deal. This is just common sense. In life, there are some things you can take a risk skimping on. The protective coat on a quarter million dollar parking lot is not one of them.


Schedule ahead

Sealcoating works best if it's over 50 degrees. Don't try to squeak this essential project in right before winter. By then, sealcoating companies are up to their eyeballs in clients. Cutting in line is expensive, and winter is merciless to unprotected asphalt.

Let's get your asphalt sealed.

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